Are you ready to Get Ready and Stay Ready this Summer with Fresh Fitness Food?

If your goal is lean muscle gains then this is the one for you. This plan is perfect for those looking to retain muscle and maintain a toned, lean physique. A balanced macro-split will provide you with just the right amount of carbohydrates to fuel your workouts, as well as protein to build and repair muscle. A variety of health fat sources will help to maintain optimal hormone production, an important component of fat loss and staying lean. To alter your body composition and tone up, you must also be in a slight calorie deficit (usually around 10%) - this means burning more calories than you consume
This plan is ideal for those looking to maintain their current weight and alter their body composition by burning fat and increasing lean muscle. 

To keep you on track to smashing your goals, we've partnered with Chloe Trigg, from BLOK London to support your health journey this Summer. Chloe has written a bespoke training plan, which consists of 3 workouts for you to complete a week, all designed specifically to compliment the Fresh Fitness Food Lean Gains plan.

When you sign up to the Fresh Fitness Food Lean Gains plan, you will receive:

Personalised meals delivered to your door daily
An Enhance Energy eBook, written by our in-house nutritionists
A bespoke training guide, written by Chloe Trigg from Blok London.
On-going support from our Nutrition team

Get £50 off when you sign up on an initial 5-day trial, and a special discount when you renew. Follow the link below or use the code IMREADY at checkout. 

Terms and Conditions: Offer available to new clients only. 

Chloe Trigg

"For me, training is as much mental as it is physical. Whatever your preferred style of movement, it should be the thing you look forward to, make you feel stronger. It should make you feel connected with your body and challenged, both physically and mentally. Whether you want to run a marathon, squat a PB or keep your body strong enough to navigate life, when the goal means something to you, you'll be more willing to put in the hard work for it."