Get Ready, Stay Ready this Summer with Fresh Fitness Food 


This Summer we're offering you the chance to challenge yourself, your fitness and your health journey. 

The aim of the Get Ready, Stay Ready challenge is to inspire Londoners to work towards a goal, remain motivated to smash that goal and stay ready for anything by committing to the FFF lifestyle.

Ultimately, we are challenging you to #GetReadyStayReady. 

For each plan we've partnered with a specialised trainer to create a bespoke training guide to support you throughout your Summer health journey. 

Choose a goal from our meal plan range, whether that be Fat Loss, Lean Gains, Enhance Energy or Muscle Gain, and we'll support you with the rest.

When you sign up to the challenge, you'll receive:

  • Personalised nutrition for every meal 
  • A free customised training plan curated by some of London's top trainers 
  • A free meal plan specific eBook written by our in-house nutritionists 
  • On-going nutrition support from our team of nutritionists


Are you new to the Fresh Fitness Food family? Get £50 off an initial 5-day trial when you sign up to kickstart your motivation! 

Choose a plan below to redeem, or use the code IMREADY at checkout.

Fat Loss

Our Summer Fat Loss plan has been designed using a scientific approach, combining a high protein, moderate carbohydrate and high fat diet, with a calorie deficit to promote optimal fat loss.

Build Muscle

If you’re looking to build muscle then this is the one for you. By placing you on a calorie surplus, it provides you with the additional calories you require to gain mass, power through your training sessions and perform at your best.

Enhance Energy

If you’re looking to improve your overall well-being, in terms of energy levels, focus and immunity, we have just the ticket! By providing you with a balanced macro-split of protein, carbohydrates and fat, you can rest assured that you will be giving your body the micronutrient nourishment it requires.

Lean Gains

Our Lean Gains plan is perfect for those looking to retain muscle and maintain a toned, lean physique. A balanced macro-split will provide you with just the right amount of carbohydrates to fuel your workouts, as well as protein to build and repair muscle.