Are you ready to Get Ready and Stay Ready this Summer with Fresh Fitness Food?

If you’re looking to build muscle then this is the one for you. By placing you on a calorie surplus, the Fresh Fitness Food Build Muscle plan provides you with the additional calories you require to gain mass, power through your training sessions and perform at your best. In conjunction with a well-planned diet, and in order to ensure you gain muscle, rather than solely increasing body fat (although some is inevitable), you must have a well-thought out strength training plan in place. The combination of a well-planned diet and a solid training regime will put you in prime position to get you the results you desire.

To keep you on track to smashing your goals, we've partnered with John Maxwell from DISTRICT Fitness to put you through your paces this Summer. John has written a bespoke training plan, which consists of 3 workouts for you to complete a week, all designed specifically to compliment the Fresh Fitness Food Build Muscle plan.

When you sign up to the Fresh Fitness Food Build Muscle Plan, you will receive:

  • Personalised meals delivered to your door daily
  • A free Build Muscle eBook, written by our in-house nutritionists
  • A free bespoke training guide, written by John Maxwell from DISTRICT Fitness
  • On-going nutrition support from our Nutrition team

Are you new to the Fresh Fitness Food family? Get £50 off a 5-day trial when you sign up on an initial 5-day trial, and a special discount when you renew. Follow the link below or use the code IMREADY at checkout. 


Terms and Conditions: Offer available to new clients only. Free delivery inside M25, London

John Maxwell

"At DISTRICT Fitness, our ethos is driven by our desire to move as many people as possible away from disease and poor mental well-being. We do this through a combination of exercise, education, support & positive reinforcement."